Self Esteem?

Written by Jodi Davis Lybrand 
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I have never liked the term ‘self esteem.” Why? Well, when you look at ‘self’ you tend to compare yourself with other ‘selfs’. That will always lead to ego and pride or despair and loathing. Both are unwanted extremes. I prefer the term, ‘true esteem.”

True esteem is not competitive, nor is it based on comparisons. What is true esteem? I am so glad you asked! True esteem is looking at yourself as God sees you.  It’s taking a balanced view of yourself. It is not thinking too highly or too lowly of yourself. It’s found in the living, loving God. The truth is found in His word.

Too often we have believed lies either whispered or shouted to us. We have, perhaps even unconsciously, fallen for the world’s standard of worth. You know what I mean!  Who has the most money? Biggest house? Best vacations? Best education? Jesus says, “…Life is not measured by how much you own.” (Luke 12:15 NLT)

Oh, and as ladies, we are always looking for the next beauty product that will “do it” for us. (or is that just me?!?!?) Now, don’t get me wrong. Wanting to look nice is okay. Just don’t believe for a minute that God loves us any less for “less than perfect” hair. (whatever that is!) Or, that He loves us any more because we only wear clothes from a high-end store. No. He says, “…YOU are precious to me. YOU are honored, and I love YOU(Isaiah 43:4 NLT)

This was said before you were ever born, before you took your first steps, before you believed the first lie. It was proven when God sent His only Son Jesus, to prepare the way to live eternally with Him! “…I will come and get you so you will always be with me where I am.” (John 14:3 NLT)

Are you tired of believing the lies? Tired of trying to be good enough? Tired of comparing yourself with others? The challenge in this overwhelming, information-overloaded world is to STOP! Yes… right now…take a deep breath and just say,

Help me to be deaf to the lies I’ve believed in the past. Lord, I choose to believe YOU. I don’t feel it, but help me to be strong and vigilent against the untruths culture has told me. Please, show me your love in wonderful ways!”

Be encouraged, my Friend, He heard you and will surely answer!

JodiJodi Davis Lybrand is a life long resident of Shelby County Alabama. She is married, has raised two wonderful sons, has a beautiful daughter in law and 3 of the most adorable grandchildren ever! Her favorites include playing with those awesome grandchildren, enjoying nature with long walks and sunsets, visiting with friends-old and new, painting and working through her bucket list! A Bible teacher for 30 years, teaching pre- school through senior citizen age (before she was one!), she jests that she can teach you a Bible lesson in sixty seconds or sixty minutes. Most of all, she loves encouraging people through the truths found in God’s word.

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