Stay Strong

Written by Jackie Tinkler

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Are you finding it hard to stay encouraged in a situation where you are enduring a difficult relationship, job, or circumstance?    Have you had enough?  Do you imagine making a scene, telling them off, quitting that job or storming out because somewhere in the mix of the reality, you are experiencing inconvenience or unfair treatment?  We feel we have a right to feel the way we do and a right to say so.

In today’s culture, to be meek is a sign of “weakness.”  But…did you know that the word Jesus used when he said, “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth” (Matthew 5:5) actually means “strength under control?”  The meek, being teachable and gentle, WILL inherit the earth when all is placed right.  We can learn from Jesus’ example of gentle, firm endurance: His ability to stay in control, yet be completely humble and patient in dealing with difficulty, even though He was the powerful son of God.

In my early days of ministry, I remember holding my tongue about a situation that I KNEW was unfair toward me. I held back for five years! I tried to walk in love, I tried to act like I was fine, until one day I decided I had had enough. I know, this is not going to be good. I thought “God, how long do I have to be ‘nice’ and endure this?” Thinking it was a good idea,  I marched into my director’s office, told her what I thought about the situation, which in my mind had gone on long enough, and held nothing back. I think I ranted for at least 30 minutes! She just sat there with her jaw to the floor and didn’t know what to say. When I was done, I felt relieved,  like, “There, now that’s better.” But, I heard God say, “Okay, are you proud of yourself now?” Days later, I received a good talking to, not about the grievance, but the angry and frustrated way I handled it.  I wasn’t very meek, I’m afraid, so I totally blew it!   Don’t misunderstand.  It sure felt good to say it, but it was not the way God wanted me to take care of it. Thank God for His grace and that he doesn’t hold it against me!

It is always best to put on the life-giving love of Christ and gently forbear grievances.  It’s not easy, but doable, because we walk with Him.  Is there someone or something trying your patience?  Ask God to strengthen you with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, and the humility needed to walk that thing out well. Ask Him for a meekness that says,  “I’m strength under control.”

Father God, you know how I want to make things right in my own way.  I ask you to help me to humble myself under the mighty hand of God and in due time you will exalt me.  I ask that I am able to put on the meekness of Christ, counting others better than myself and sacrificing my need to be right for the peace and love of Christ to grow in my relationships and personal circumstances.

IMG_3891Jackie Tinkler is the Co-Founder and Ministry Development Director of Something More and lives in Birmingham, Alabama. She has been ministering to women for 20 years as a Women’s Ministry Director, Counselor and Producer. She is co-writing a Women’s Small Group Study Something Beautiful and when not leading women to freedom can be found worshipping at her home church, Church of the Highlands, home styling for friends, on the hiking trail with her husband, Jim and their chocolate lab, Nelson, talking with their adult daughter Lauren or sitting in the balcony at the Alabama Theatre.

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