The Daughter’s Prayer

Written by Jody Lybrand
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I am a Daughter of The King.

Nothing that happens to me today is by chance.

My days are ordained by Him.

Whatever I face today, I face with

His Strength, Courage, and Protection.

Anything that opposes me opposes Him.

He is my Defender.

I am never alone, He will not abandon me.

His Mercy, Grace, Peace and Love sustains me.

His Spirit is in me..

His Word guides me.

His Wisdom is mine.

His Joy is my strength.

His promise is to work everything for my good


Bring me triumphantly into His presence.


Jodi Davis Lybrand is a life long resident of Shelby County Alabama. She is married, has Jodiraised two wonderful sons, has a beautiful daughter in law and 3 of the most adorable grandchildren ever! Her favorites include playing with those awesome grandchildren, enjoying nature with long walks and sunsets, visiting with friends-old and new, painting and working through her bucket list! A Bible teacher for 30 years, teaching pre- school through senior citizen age (before she was one!), she jests that she can teach you a Bible lesson in sixty seconds or sixty minutes. Most of all, she loves encouraging people through the truths found in God’s word.

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