What MORE do we need? Part 2


Written by Jennifer Morrow

What do you think you need MORE of today? 
Is it really just more money, more pleasure, and more of the latest gadget, fashion, newest model car, antique painting, more “likes” on social media, or a luxurious vacation?
It is just like the enemy of our souls to get us derailed desiring more of the things that truly never satisfy, and then leave us not only feeling unsatisfied, but stressed out, depleted, disappointed, discouraged and hopeless.  Often, when our desire for more is misguided, what begins as a legitimate need, good goal or desire, or a harmless passion ends up leading us along a path to damaging our relationships, our health, our finances, and eventually our souls.
We become slaves to whatever controls us.
 This is my paraphrase of 2 Peter 2:19.  
We are consumed by whatever our minds and hearts, desires and passions are consumed or controlled by.  This can be good or this can be bad.  It just depends on what is controlling and consuming us.  The first part of this verse says “they promise freedom.” but they end up as slaves.  How true is this in our culture today.  In the “land of the free,” many of us are enslaved in so many ways in our search for something more than what we currently possess or are experiencing.
What do we really all need MORE of?
When we are physically ill, we immediately think, “I need something to relieve my symptoms.”  If we have a headache, we take a tylenol or an aspirin.  If we have a body ache, we take an ibuprofen.  If our sinuses flare up, we take a decongestant or an antihistamine. The list goes on.  These usually solve the problem initially or at least temporarily, but if we never get to the root of what is causing our symptoms, they are likely to return or even worse, turn into a more serious illness.  We usually still need something more if we desire to be cured or healed.
Because “We were once more than we are now,” as John Eldredge states in his book, Waking the Dead, we know that when God created us in the image of His glory, He placed within us desires.* So, the desire for more is not necessarily bad or wrong.
God created us to desire love, acceptance, and purpose.  
These desires are ultimately fulfilled in and through knowing God and knowing we are loved and accepted by Him and our lives have purpose in His divinely created plan.
Do you ever take time to ask God?:
Lord, what MORE do you desire FOR me?” 
Or, how about, 
“Lord, what MORE do you desire FROM me?  
Could it be, Lord, that I NEED TO SURRENDER MORE of my heart and soul to you?”
Perhaps today we ALL just need to pursue being filled MORE with the GOD THAT IS MORE THAN ENOUGH to supply our every need.
A good daily prayer:
“Fill me with MORE of Your Spirit, Lord. MORE of You, Lord, and less of me. Amen.”  (See John 3:27-30)
SURRENDERING MORE of our hearts and desires and needs to Christ is the pathway to being MORE FULFILLED in Christ.
Lord, we need You MORE, If we are to be filled with more of Your love, Your joy and Your peace!
More Jesus = More Love!
More Word = More Joy!
More Worship = More Peace!
Psalm 4:7-8 The Message

Why is everyone hungry for more? “More, more,” they say. “More, more.”I have God’s more-than-enough,

More joy in one ordinary day
Than they get in all their shopping sprees.

At day’s end I’m ready for sound sleep,

For you, God, have put my life back together.
Psalm 37:4 – My paraphrase:
Take delight in the Lord above all other things, and the good desires He has for you will eventually consume your mind and heart.
I encourage you to check out the song lyrics to these two beautiful songs by Jesus Culture:  “Set a Fire” and “My Soul Longs for You.”  Learn the chorus lyrics and pray them as a prayer from your heart as you worship the Lord today.
*excerpt taken from The Ransomed Heart devotional, p.19 – Waking the Dead
IMG_3712By God’s amazing grace, I am a covenant daughter, a wife, a mother of 2 adult children and a son-in-love. I love God’s Word and I love studying it, teaching it, and listening to others teach and preach. I also love to laugh, dance, pray and worship – so I am sort of a rare bird.
My problems and my pain have always pressed me to pray, pen and pursue God’s presence in worship, not necessarily in that order. After the murder of my beloved brother, God turned my mourning into dancing for Him, which led to a ministry through dance over the past 20 plus years, including being the founder of Destiny Dance and Restoration Arts Dance. Since 2012, I have had the privilege of teaching dance at a Christ centered non-profit dance studio.
Writing, like prayer, worship and dancing, is a release of what is deep within my spirit. I also love fashion, festive parties, family gatherings, concerts and plays, reading several books at one time, cheering on the Crimson Tide, and traveling.
I am a member of Church of the Highlands, where, since 2004, I have been blessed to serve in the areas of prayer, outreach, leading small groups, coaching, and Women’s and Freedom ministry teams. I began practicing writing in 2009 on a Restoration Arts blog and in 2015, I started another blog at http://www.ponderit.org. I am experiencing a true restoration of joy despite all of the ups and downs of life.
I now even call myself “Joyful Jenny,” and I choose to laugh a LOT and uncontrollably at times! My heart’s motivation is to share what has helped me to live in love, joy, and freedom no matter what life throws our way. Having encountered the brokenness and pain as a result of my own childhood, family alcoholism and mental illness, tragic loss and grief, and a prodigal son’s journey, I empathize with other hurting hearts.
My prayer is that you will experience more of God’s love and joy and the intimate fellowship of His Holy Spirit. In His presence is fullness of JOY! Psalm 16:11

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