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Hey, I’m Rachel! I taught middle school for ten years and during that time, I came to realize that classroom management is a highly important skill for many reasons! One of which is that pure chaos quickly ensues in a classroom with no structure! Over the years, I learned a variety of skills and strategies (and basic truths!) that helped me maintain a lively, active classroom with the ability to bring order when necessary. When my own children were born, I began to learn even more about discipline, what it is and is not, and how it can be so misunderstood. I began to see how classroom management strategies could be effective with my own children. I also took many lessons learned from my classroom and applied them at home as a mom. Teaching middle schoolers, relating to kids during those awkward years, helped me as a mom to teach and relate to my own children. As a result, I thrive as a mom! As I have worked with moms over the years, I have developed simple strategies that they could easily implement at home. I created a “Behavior Reset Plan” that helps moms who feel overwhelmed by their kids’ behaviors and struggle to get a handle on them. I created Thrive Mom to help moms overcome the constant stress, worry, fear and doubt of motherhood. As a Thrive Mom Coach, I help moms discover and grow confident in who they are as parents and get out of the comparison trap. I help them become the best versions of themselves through self discovery, self care, planning, organization and time management strategies. I teach about discipline and parenting strategies and help moms develop a family plan that promotes peace and positivity in their homes. Most of all, I offer encouragement to all moms, because at some point in their motherhood journey, ALL moms need it! I believe as moms, we are better together and I will come alongside you and help you become the best mom you were meant to be! My passion is to help moms realize that they don’t have to simply survive motherhood, they were made to THRIVE!

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